New children’s book teaches shoe tying

SUNBURY – Children across The Valley have a fun new way of learning shoe tying. Local children’s author, Bethanie Allen, has published a new children’s book, “Pirates of the Caribootin’.” Along with a fun story along the way, each page contains a giant boot illustrating how the laces are supposed to be.


Allen joined WKOK Sunrise and says having all these components helps motivate kids to learn how to tie their shoes, “Once they are finally able to tie their shoes, they have this certificate for themselves that says, ‘Shiver me timbers, you’ve done it!’ and they can have that. That is a reward in itself, and that it’s a way of celebrating an accomplishment.”


Allen says she started working on the story in 2009 while working as an pediatric ocupational therapist, “I was working with a kiddo that…his attention…he just did not care about bunny ears and trees, and anything to do with shoe tying. So we started with that ‘X’ which is your first step of doing shoe tying, and we just went with the whole pirate theme, ‘X marks the spot’ and took off with it.”


You can meet Allen and learn more about the new book at the Threading Love Author’s Night May 25 from 5-8 p.m. You can hear more of Allen’s interview on (Matt Catrillo)


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