Nazi-Confederate flag burned in protest of Bloomsburg fair

BLOOMSBURG — More debate and anger over display of the Confederate Flag…after the Bloomsburg Fair board said the selling of Confederate Flags was okay, an activist demonstrated against the ruling. Gene Stilp, originally from Wilkes-Barre, set a two-sided flag bearing Confederate and Nazi symbols on fire Friday outside the Columbia County Courthouse.

Stilp says he burned the flags because the fair does not allow the selling of Nazi flags, but Confederate flags are allowed. A vendor was kicked out of last year’s fair for selling a Nazi flag. The Bloomsburg Fair however, says there’s no law prohibiting the sale of Confederate Flags, and have always allowed vendors to sell it.

Stilp called the protest an educational effort. He says both flags stand for racism, bigotry, and hatred.

There were some counter protesters at the courthouse.  (Matt Catrillo)

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