National Library Week underway

SUNBURY – This is is National Library Week, a week set aside to call attention to the new, modern role of libraries in our communities today. Melissa Rowse, Director of Sunbury’s Degenstein Community Library, “It’s a national event, organized by the American Library Association.”

She said, “This year’s theme is called ‘Libraries Lead: Discover Your Passion,’ and it’s actually the 60th anniversary of ‘National Library Week.’  If you haven’t been in your local library lately, you should stop by because there is always something to do. And as the theme says, discover your passions, we are actually trying to create programming around people’s passions.”

She says, in addition to books and newer offerings like internet access and audiobooks, they offer some special events this week, “Wedmesday at 11am, we’re going to have a program called, ‘Unplug at your Library,’ asking you to put away your devices, put away your phones and we’ll actually get some community involvement and do things for about an hour all together. We’ve got games set up and activities planned for that hour.”

Director Rowse also says that although we’re very connected online these days, our nature is to get together with other humans face to face, “We’re really all connected through Facebook, etc., all those different social media platforms, but we’re still social people/. We like to see other people and do things with other people, so I think the library has a lot to offer in that venue.”

She says this will be the perfect week for you to visit your local library. You can see the many activities at the Degenstein Library, including an upcoming fundraising book sale, at

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