‘Money Smart Week’ begins this week

MILTON – This week across the Valley and our Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation stations, we’re getting money smart. This week is ‘Money Smart Week’ across the nation. Throughout the week, you’ll hear vignettes across our sister stations from Milton Savings Bank.

Scott Pfaff, Vice President and CEO, “We’ll have some one retirement savings, we offer IRA’s, of course our mortgage lending, checking accounts, we have a very good deal on now checking accounts for personal use, we also have business checking accounts. The last thing is just savings accounts in general. We have all types of savings accounts.”

Pfaff says there are many advantages to banking locally, “Working hard for our customers in doing what we do best is what we’re focusing on. We’re not trying to just grow tremendously and take on new areas and spread ourselves too thin. We’re just trying to concentrate on doing what we do best.”

You can hear more from Pfaff from Thursday’s WKOK Sunrise on ‘Money Smart Week’ and more at WKOK.com.


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