Milton prepares for bicentennial celebration

MILTON – The borough of Milton is set to celebrate a major anniversary next weekend. Milton will continue the bicentennial celebrations on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, the 26th, with several events planned. John Meckley, Chair of the Milton Bicentennial Committee, was a recent guest on WKOK Sunrise to discuss how the 200th birthday will be commemorated.

Meckley says the celebration will kick start with a banquet held on Saturday, “February 25, a week from Saturday, we’re having a banquet. It’s much more than a banquet. It’s going to be a jammed-packed evening full of entertainment. It starts at 6:00 at St. Joseph’s Parish Center. People will be entertained during cocktail hour by the jazz trio, Burgess, Mitchell, and Stetz. They perform all over the Valley. Then after dinner, Milltown Blues is just going to rock us for the rest of the night.”

The banquet costs $50 to attend. To register for the event, visit and click the banquet button.

Meckley says the public is invited to literally ‘ring’ in Milton’s anniversary on Sunday, February 26, “It will start at 2:00. It will actually start outside of the church. There’s a park across the street from the church called Dorothy Harmony Park. Mayor Ed Nelson is going to issue a proclamation outside. The reason why we want everyone outside is because as soon as he’s finished, every church bell in downtown Milton will peal. When those church bells ring, everyone will know the bicentennial is here and we will literally ring in the next century together.”

Meckley says by observing the bicentennial, the residents of Milton are preparing for the future, “Some people feel like it’s looking backward, but I don’t feel that way at all. I think it’s putting a marker in the ground to say that we were here, we accomplished these things. More than celebrating a milestone, we’re using it as a stepping stone or a spring board even, to propel us further. A lot of the events that we’re planning or executing are things that we can perpetuate into the future.”

You can find more details about Milton’s bicentennial celebration online at and you can listen to John Meckley’s WKOK Sunrise interview by visiting

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