Meet the owners of Green Space Properties in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG— The owners of the old Lewisburg high school are sharing their success by opening up the building for non-profit organizations. Green Space Center houses local non-profits like the Lewisburg Children’s Museum and the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority.  It also is home some for-profit businesses.


Green Space Properties owner is Mickey Melberger, he and his wife Ruth of West Pittston and consider the Green Space Center part of their ‘giving back to the community.’ Mickey says “This fits a need for the community, a lot of the non-profits needed a place. Ruth and I have been involved with non-profit and charitable organizations all our lives. We were both scholarship students at school we need help to get through college so we have always been in the mode of giving back.”


The Melbergers relied on scholarships to get an education, so now they give back with scholarships in Lewisburg and the Scranton area says Ruth, “Our favorite way of giving back is scholarships because we feel they are the gift that keeps on giving. We have scholarships at Bucknell, we have one in honor of my mother at Wyoming Seminary which is a prep school near us, and Wilkes University we have eight students this year on scholarship, so that is our favorite charity.”


Green Space grew out of their original record keeping business, and they buy properties throughout Pennsylvania which they can rehabilitate. Going forward they hope to build 18 townhomes on the property to help fill the need for housing in the community.

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