Sunbury Mayor Karlovich and Chief Miller ending their differences

SUNBURY— The feud between Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich and Police Chief Tim Miller seems to be over, the two released prepared statements at the council meeting Monday night.

Mayor Karlovich, “ As Mayor, I would like to take the time, along with Chief Miller, to address the perceived issue between us that originated from a miscommunication by one and a misunderstanding by the other. We have since had the opportunity to meet and discuss the future of our City. In doing so, we have come to realize that we share a common vision for Sunbury. It has also become evident to us that the City would be much better served if we focus our energy to work together as a team. We have used these first few week of January to find common ground to move forward as Mayor and Chief.”

Chief Tim Miller, “As stated myself and Mayor Karlovich have spent the last couple weeks getting to know one another. We discovered that we are both very passionate about our roles in conducting the business of the city especially in regard to public safety. We have learned that neither one of us take our responsibilities lightly and two passionate minds are much stronger working together that they are working against one another. We have a difficult job ahead of us and we both want to focus our energy in making Sunbury great again.”

In ending their differences mayor Karlovich updated the Chief of Police employment agreement showing his support for Chief Miller.

In related police business under an agreement with the police union the position of Captain is removed from the police department. Mayor Karlovich, “ I just want the people to know it does not have anything  to do with the person of pervious captain Bennick. It could have been officer A, B, C, or D, its the position itself that has been eliminated because of an agreement between us and the police union.”

Former captain Steven Bennick is placed back into the position of patrol officer.

You can see full statements from Karlovich and Miller in the images below:


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