Massachusetts company applying to build Marijuana facility in The Valley

SHAMOKIN DAM – A Massachusetts based company will be trying to apply for a state license to grow marijuana for medical purposes in Shamokin Dam before Thursday’s deadline.

INSA, which has opened a medical marijuana dispensary in their home state of Massachusetts, is proposing to build a 50,000 square foot medical marijuana growing and processing facility on the Old Trail in Shamokin Dam.

This will be the second proposal by INSA, and Shamokin Dam Mayor Joe McGranahan says the public has nothing to be concerned about, “The security is as tight as it can be. So it’s not like it’s an offensive operation in town. It’s not like you’re going to be getting high on fumes coming out of smoke stacks. It’s just a growing operation that consumes a fair amount of power, and a fair amount of water, both of which we have in borough of Shamokin Dam in abundance.”

Mayor McGranahan says he sees no downside to this deal and the facility would bring a lot of employment opportunities for Valley workers, “There’s absolutely no downside for the community. They would employ some 30, maybe up to 100 people in various fields, as growers, security people and as administration.”

The building INSA is proposing to build would be a 50,000 square foot greenhouse type structure and would be in the northern section of the Sunbury Generation property. The deadline to apply for the license is Thursday.

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