US Cong. Tom Marino puts full blame on #SchumerShutdown

SUNBURY – It was the Schumer Shutdown…so says US Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station).  He joined WKOK’s On The Mark Monday to react to the US government weekend shutdown. Congressman Marino placed the blame on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), “It is the Schumer-shutdown-shakedown, because we voted  on this in October and got this passed, and we just voted on it again last week and got it passed. It’s just a tactic where he wants to get the illegals here to be permanent residents and we’re not ready to do that.”

Monday afternoon Senators agreed on a short-term deal to reopen the government through February 8.  Republicans in exchange say they will soon take up immigration.


Marino says DACA does have to be addressed, and President Trump has even compromised at times. But at this point, Marino says getting the government up and running should be the main priority, “But to shut the government down for this…it’s just a temper-tantrum. Schumer’s up to his eyeballs now in criticism by the mainstream media, and he’s just like a little kid…’I’m going to take my lollipop and go home.”


Another part of Marino’s frustration is the 60-vote cloture rule that runs in the Senate. He says he’s been a long-time advocate to change that rule, “It stops government from functioning. We should be able to pass legislation in the Senate just by a simple majority, and not have to take two votes just to stop filibustering.”


You can hear all of Congressman Marino’s remarks from On The Mark at (Matt Catrillo)

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