NFF Family: Tough time for family of eight facing layoff

MONTANDON— This is the first year Trisha and her family are benefiting from the Needy Family Fund. Trisha, 35, from Montandon says her husband was recently laid off which makes it difficult to provide a Christmas for their six kids, “I work at a hotel and with the winter season coming down they drop us down to ten to fifteen hours a week, so it’s a struggle there. My husband does work part-time, but he recently got laid off so now we are just on my income.

With two teenagers and three pre-teens, Trisha says it hard for her to support the household off of just her income and they are having trouble paying their bills. “With six kids in the house and being teenagers and wanting this and that, and the falling behind on the bills, the bills are the hardest thing to keep caught up now, after he got laid off,” she said.

Trisha knows Christmas this year will be different for her children, but the traditions they have will stay the same, “Christmas day we get up, we do our breakfast and start getting around for dinner. Then around 1 o’clock we eat dinner and then after that we settle down and start to open presents.”

You can help Trisha’s family and many other Valley families by making a generous contribution to the Needy Family Fund. Since 1987, The Needy Family Fund, sponsored by The Daily Item, BB&T Bank, and Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation, along with the Degenstein Foundations, has raised more than $2.7 million during the holidays to assist the Valley’s less fortunate. It is administered by Salvation Army citadels in Milton and Sunbury. The goal is $75,000.

People can make checks payable to The Daily Item Fund for Needy Families and mail or drop them off to program co-sponsor BB&T Bank, 400 Market St., Sunbury, PA 17801. Donors can also visit any local BB&T branch where they will process the deposited donation, mail a check to the 400 Market St. branch or donate online through

The fund recipient’s name has been changed for this story.

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