Local progressive leader protests Barletta’s appearance

BLOOMSBURG—US Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazelton) was met with protests when he visited the town of Bloomsburg today. Local progressive leader, Dwayne Heisler says he and other resident met outside of the Chamber of Commerce legislative breakfast Friday morning.

Heisler believes elected officials should meet with the public, something he says Barletta doesn’t do, “We need to have people that are in office that actually listen to the people who have town halls, and are not afraid to stand up and speak for what they have done, and what they are doing or plan to do for our community.”


Rep Barletta and other local officials toured the flood wall completed last October. Heisler, a resident of Bloomsburg believes the wall needs to be expanded, “Bloomsburg is the largest community along the Susquehanna River that still floods. One third of the city is under a threat for flooding, that’s because we don’t have enough funding to do it. If Bloomsburg would actually try to pay for it itself we would be as bankrupt as Hazelton rightnow.”


To get more information about your local elected officials you can contact Heisler at Dwayneheisler@gmail.com and you can listen to his full interview at WKOK.com

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