Local progressive group to meet at Congressman Marino’s office


SUNBURY—A local activist group is calling on U.S. Congressman Tom Marino( R-10th Cogan Station)  to hold and town hall meeting and face his constituents.


Sharon Koppel, a coordinator of the West End Progressives says they will be meeting this Monday at Congressman Marino’s office, “We are simply asking that he schedule a town hall meeting. It’s very difficult to have a congressman who seems to be as inaccessible as Mr. Marino has been with too many folks in his district.”


The West End Progressives is a newly formed group to give Valley residents a voice in local politics. Koppel says, “We formed ourselves after the election in November. I think many of us out here in central and west end of Union County needed to get together to support each other and involved in local, state, and national government activities.”


They will meet Monday from 4 to 5p.m. at Congressman Marino’s Selinsgrove office and they encourage the public of any political party to attend. A spokesman for the congressman said Tom Marino has no comment on the Progressives group calling for the town hall meeting. (Sarah Benek)


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