Local politician speaks out against Marino

SUNBURY – Lots of opinions being offered now that US Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) withdrew from consideration as Drug Czar. Possibly the harshest critic of Marino’s legislation, is a person who is not only a voter from his 10th district, but someone who will be running for his seat in 2018.

Judy Hershel of Susquehanna County called WKOK’s “On The Mark” program Tuesday morning and had some harsh words for Congressman Marino. The announced Democratic candidate spoke about what the people in the 10th think, “People that are in my district right now are pretty upset right now. I believe they deserve a representative that puts their interests first, and is willing to continue to do the work that needs to be done to combat the opioid epidemic. Mr. Marino proves that he is not that representative.”

Hershel continues by saying this is nothing new from Marino, “This type of legislation is who Marino has been as a representative, and it’s another reason the 10th district is completely dissatisfied.”

Hershel says that this all just shows that Marino has lost touch, “This is something that is very personal to me and my community. At the end of 2015, Susquehanna County was listed 2nd per capita for opioid related deaths in the state of Pennsylvania, and when Mr. Marino authored this bill, I was working with the devastation that he caused.”

Judy Hershel is a mother of 2 children and is a certified drug/alcohol counselor with over 15 years of experience.  She called WKOK’s On The Mark program Tuesday.  Congressman Marino has not returned our calls. (Christopher Elio)

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