Local legislators react to the government shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Unable to pass a budget to keep the government running, our Valley lawmakers in Washington have released statements.

Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey says he was not elected to genuflect to the demands of extreme House Republicans. Casey says he has an obligation to fight for the millions of families left out of this bill.

“Republicans who control Congress and President Trump have provoked a government shutdown by refusing to work in a bipartisan way on a funding agreement that protects the middle class, retiree pensioners and 800,000 people who receive health care through community health centers. The Republican funding plan shortchanges our veterans, community health centers, infants and mothers who receive home visitations, retired coal miners and other Pennsylvania workers and those dealing with the opioid crisis. There are bipartisan agreements in place that can help Pennsylvania families, but Republicans gave in to the extreme right wing of their party and walked away. I was not elected to genuflect to the demands of extreme House Republicans. I have an obligation to fight for the millions of families left out of this bill. For over 100 days, Republicans didn’t do a damn thing for kids impacted by the lapse in reauthorization of the Children’s House Insurance Program (CHIP). Instead, Republicans in Washington spent months working to pass massive tax cuts for their big corporate donors. Now all of a sudden they pretend like they care? If they truly cared for children like they cared for big corporations then the CHIP extension would be permanent.Republicans should immediately reopen the government so that we can stay in session until we reach a commonsense agreement.”


U.S. Senator Pat Toomey says in his statement, “In a transparent political ploy, Senate Democrats prioritized amnesty for select illegal immigrants over governing, supporting our military, and providing health insurance to poor and middle-income children. Tonight’s vote by Senate Democrats is not rooted in principle or even ideology—they openly support every provision in the bill they voted against—rather it is a crass political calculation meant to appease the extreme left wing of their party. This is a mess that the Senate Democrats created, holding the entire country hostage because of an immigration issue that does not fully materialize until March. It is my hope that cooler heads prevail and a deal to keep the government open can be reached in short order.”


U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta called the Senate Obstruction of CHIP and Military Funding  ‘Astonishing’ in his statement.

“The decision to shut down the government and deny Pennsylvania children the longest extension of CHIP funding is an astonishing neglect of duty by the Senate Democrats.  They want Congress to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants – with zero enforcement measures mind you – in order to obtain a vote to keep the government open, which includes providing critical funds for our military, and providing long-term certainty for America’s children.  There are over 300,000 children in Pennsylvania enrolled in CHIP.  Voting in support of reckless illegal immigration, while putting American children and military at the back of the line is clearly a foolish manufactured crisis.”



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