Local film maker debuting film for local release

SUNBURY – A Valley Bible scholar is set for the local release of his new film. Peterson Toscano, of Sunbury, will be showing his new creation “Transfigurations,” this Friday at the Hotel Edison.  The movie is includes an exploration of many gender non-conforming Bible characters.


Toscano began his research on this topic in 2007. He then wanted to turn it into a film, “To do a good film costs a lot of money. And I didn’t have a bunch of money in my back pocket, until one day about two years ago after a performance in Minnesota. I mentioned I wanted to do a film and a man came up and said to me, ‘How much would it cost?’ And I told him an amount and he said, ‘Not a problem. We have a big inheritance in our family and we like to fund projects like this.”


Friday’s viewing will take place from 7 to 8:15 p.m. Toscano says there’s other activities planned, “We’re going to have food, snacks, and we’ll have a nice ‘Transfigurations’ cake. And I’ll then show clips from the movie and tell some behind the scenes stories of some of the amazing things that led to the film and all the people involved in it.”


Toscano will also launch the film on an international and national level. You can listen to more from Toscano’s WKOK Sunrise interview at WKOK.com.

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