Karen Gronsky: Dance marathon set to benefit Athena Zellers

Help support young Valley dancer

DANVILLE – A young Valley dancer and her family need your support and you have the opportunity to help. The Karen Gronsky School of Dance is sponsoring a Dance Marathon Saturday, October 21. Proceeds will go toward the recovery of 8-year-old Athena Zellers of Northumberland, who was seriously injured in a car accident earlier this month.


It will be held at the studio located at 122 Center Street in Danville. Karen Gronsky is Zellers’ teacher, “Each hour there will be a different instructor teaching a different type of dance. There’s hip-hop, contemporary, and ballet. Hopefully we’ll get yoga and Zumba. So every hour, we will be collecting money for Athena.”


There will be a cover charge for admission, and you can take as many classes as you’d like. T-shirts and headbands will be available as well.


Gronsky says Zellers is a pleasure to teach, especially because Zellers brings so much energy to the dance studio, “She has so much enthusiasm and swag, and she’s truly amazing, not only in her spunk, but her technically ability. She really is a great dancer. It’s inspirational. It’s inspirational for the teachers, and the kids.”


There’s also a GoFundMe page running for Zellers, which Gronsky says has raised almost $18,000. Find that link at WKOK.com. (Matt Catrillo)


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