Independent Candidate Kairnes: Put county over party

COGAN STATION – An independent candidate US congress is launching a second campaign in Pennsylvania’s 10th district.  Jerry Kairnes, of Cogan Station, Lycoming County, is again hoping to challenge four-term incumbent Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) and the future Democratic nominee.

Kairnes says his campaign theme is beginning to heat up, “I want our kids and grandkids to have the same shot at the American dream that you and I have. Unless things change, they’re not going to have that. Country over party is a message everyone is getting behind.”

He said the gun control debate has certainly heated up in wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. As for arming some trained school staff is a good idea. While he says that type of legislation is for the states and local governments to decide, he’s for it, “I can image where a local municipality would permit a firearm in a classroom in a locked box that requires the teacher’s handprints to open up the weapon in the event there’s a catastrophic event at the school.”

Kairnes also says we need to address–keeping guns out of the hands of people with significant mental health problems, “If someone needs hospitalization for a mental illness…if they fear they may lose their privilege to own a weapon at some point, would they not seek treatment? We need judges to make the decision as to who’s not capable of keeping their rights, not doctors.”

Kairnes was on a recent WKOK Sunrise program, you can hear more from him at


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