Improving your knowledge on the Susquehanna River

Increasing knowledge and awareness about the river

SUNBURY – The push continues for Valley residents to become more familiar with one of the biggest assets of the area. The Envision the Susquehanna Initiative is looking to expand its mission across Central Pennsylvania. They invite the community to help them create a common vision for the Susquehanna River Watershed.


The initiative currently serves Clinton and Centre Counties. Susquehanna Technical Coordinator Adrienne Gemberling, “Our ultimate goal of ETS is for residents to have an increased awareness of the natural, historic, and cultural resources that exist along the river.”


One way for you to get involved is looking online at the paddling maps, which gives you an interactive look at the river, “The restoration reports tool is one product we’ve created as a part of Precision Conservation. I should note that anyone can actually print their report online. We have a website…its They go in, type their address and management interests, and they can get a report within two to three minutes.”


You can visit members of Envision the Susquehanna Initiative at their stand with the DCNR at the Grange Fair. To see the paddling maps and for more information, visit

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