Improving kids eating habits in the kitchen

SUNBURY– Getting your kids to help and learn in the kitchen can lead lifelong healthier eating habits…the message of Beth Stark, Manager of Lifestyle Initiatives, encouraging parents to give children a healthy, learning opportunity with food, “If they’re picking eaters…if they’re involved in the food prep and planning, they’re more likely to eat that food. It decreases their risk for being overweight or obese later in life, and talking through recipes can teach them how to read.”

Kathryn Long,  also a Weis Markets Registered Dietician, says there are different parts of the cooking process for kids of all ages to enjoy, “So ages 2-5 you can let them pour ingredients, you can let them mix, you can let them stir or spread ingredients. Older 6-12 and above you can let them grate cheese with a box grater, mix and knead fresh dough, use handled tools like peelers and spiralizers, measure, set the table, and help clean up.”

You can listen to more of Long and Stark’s WKOK Sunrise interview at They also explain in the interview what produce is in season and how to best use it.

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