How you can support the YMCA’s Capital Campaign 

Supporting the YMCA’s Capital Campaign


SUNBURY – Help your local YMCA and maybe you could be riding in style in a golf cart. The YMCA has kicked off it’s Capital Campaign to renovate their locker rooms with a goal of $700,000. Wayne Stump, Sunbury YMCA Executive Director, joined WKOK Sunrise. He says the YMCA is not a just a fitness center…it’s a community, “There’s so much more that happens at the YMCA and there’s so many more opportunities that as a member you can be part of that. You don’t just have to come in to exercise.”

The first fundraiser towards the campaign is a raffle where you can win a Shelby Mustang GT 500 golf cart, “We are selling tickets at the front desk for $20, and our goal is to sell 500 tickets. And we’re going to make that drawing next Monday night.”

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