How to reduce risk of breast cancer

SUNBURY – When it comes to finding ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer, there are some things you can do. Dr. John Turner is a breast surgeon at the Thyra M. Humphrey Center of Breast Health at Evangelical Community Hospital. He joined WKOK Sunrise to provide some of these tips as Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation continues to “Paint The Valley Pink.”


Dr. Turner says the following tips can help reduce your risk of breast cancer:

  • Going for mammograms
  • Self-examination
  • Diet and exercise.
  • Preventing obesity


When it comes to mammograms, Dr. Turner talked about the positives of the recent advancement of 3-D mammograms, “The number one advantage of 3-D mammography is it reduces the fear factor because each patient is much less likely to be called back in. It does find about 12-percent more breast cancers than standard digital mammography.”


One of the best ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer is as simple as diet and exercise.

While there are resources to help, Dr. Turner says everything you need is right in the grocery store, “The American Cancer Society has an excellent section on their website at that discusses nutrition as it relates to cancer both in prevention and in nutrition after a diagnosis. The important to realize is you can get everything you need right off the grocery shelf.”

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