How to protect your eyes watching the solar eclipse

SUNBURY – Plenty of excitement and anticipation is building for Monday’s solar eclipse. But one Valley eye ophthalmologist is making sure there’s plenty of awareness toward eye safety. Dr. Herb Ingraham, Director of Geisinger Eye Institute, says you’ll need what’s called “super sunglasses” to fully protect yourself while looking at the eclipse.

Dr. Ingraham mentioned a website to get more information, “The American Astronomical Society has a nice website called, where they talk about all the different glasses manufactures…which ones are safe, which ones are not safe.”

Dr. Ingraham also talks about a simpler way to check your sunglasses, “The other way people can do it is by putting on the glasses and when they’re just sitting there in the store, if you can see the regular light and still see the light through those glasses, then they are not the ones you want.”

Dr. Ingraham emphasizes to make sure your eyes are safe to avoid serious or permanent damage to your retinas. Experts say the sun will damage your eyes without you knowing it, as your retinas have no pain receptors. (Matt Catrillo)


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