Helping Foster Children Go To College

SUNBURY – A new program at Bloomsburg University is giving kids in the foster care system an opportunity to go to college.  Jim Brown is Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Bloomsburg University, “What we want to do is actually introduce them to the idea of college and let them know that it is a possibility.”


Brown explained, “What we know of this population is that nationally, as they age out of foster care and become adults, they are much more likely than their peers to wind up homeless or be involved in crime.  As a public university, we think we can have a positive impact on that.”


Brown says they are hoping to mentor these kids, “A lot of these young people have experienced some trauma that has led to them finding themselves in foster care.  That may have disrupted the trajectory that we like to see of our young people, which is to go out and be successful.  Because they are young, we believe that it is possible to get them back on track and we think that higher education is the place.  Especially a public institution like Bloomsburg University, it’s a part of our mission to help these people and to help our community.”


He says the program is a residential one, “They are going to check into our residence hall and stay with us for a week.  They are going to eat in Scranton Commons, which is our excellent dining facility, and they are going to be immersed in a full day of activities, some of which will be kind of academic in nature but also fun.  Some of it will be more activity based, a lot of team building and a lot of confidence building.” You can hear more from Brown on The Anchor Program on WKOK Sunrise online at  (Ali Stevens)

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