Heiter Center has three new programs underway


LEWISBURG – The Donald Heiter Community Center is now hosting three new programs for parents and children.

Penn Garvin, who is on the board of directors at the Heiter Center, says the first is a leadership program focusing on middle school schoolers…it is held at the Union County Government Center, “We will have 10 weeks in which they will explore their own qualities as leaders, what kinds of things they can do in the community, and meet government officials and local activists so that they can learn what’s going on and what they might want to do.”


The next new program is a STEM program for students in kindergarten through third grade. That’s held every Tuesday at the Heiter Center during its after-school program. Garvin also says a modern parenting program is also underway from noon to 1 p.m. Mondays at the center, “We’ll have presenters to talk about topics that a lot of parents are dealing with…cyber bullying, the issues of how to deal with the school system if your child’s having problems, how you can use mediation between you and your child, nutrition and exercise, and topics that are really current with parents now.”


You can hear more about the Heiter Center at WKOK.com, she was on a recent WKOK Sunrise program.

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