GSVCC Transportation Update: Detour, new traffic lights and boaters affected

New boating patterns for a portion of summer, new North’d traffic patterns

Some changes coming for boating and Northumberland motorists

SHAMOKIN DAM – New traffic patterns coming this spring in Northumberland, and new patterns coming for boating for a small portion of the summer.


PennDOT Assistant Construction Engineer Ted Deptula provided that update during Friday’s Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce transportation committee meeting. Deptula announced the Duke Street detour in Northumberland will go back into affect March 1. Shortly after will come new temporary traffic signals at Front and Orange Streets and Front and King Streets.


Deptula says those will go into affect either in April or May, “Northbound, Duke Street will be traveling on Orange Street. Southbound, Duke Street traffic will be traveling on King Street. Where King Street and Orange Street intersect with Front Street, there will be temporary traffic signals to control that traffic flow.”


Also near Northumberland the construction of the new river bridge will affect boating for a small part of the summer. Deptula says a channel of the Susquehanna River will be narrow while the contractor moves the causeway from the east side to the west side.


He says this will be a two week time period during the summer, “And they’re going to move all those rocks from the island to the eastern shore. For that two week time period, the boat traffic will have a narrow channel to move up and down just at the bridge site.”


Deptula says that work for the River Bridge will take place either in June or July. (Matt Catrillo)

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