Former cop advocates for legalizing pot

SUNBURY— The idea that prohibition makes getting illegal drugs easier is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s leading argument for legalizing recreational marijuana.


Howard Wooldridge, Co-Founder of LEAP say the war on drugs is not working, “My profession has wasted one trillion dollars in the last 45 years and there is heroin in every small town in Pennsylvania, so tell me why would you want the police to continue to go after drugs.”


Wooldridge says when officers are preoccupied with busting someone for marijuana they’re not out catching real criminals like pedophiles and murders. Wooldridge believes in implementing the 10th Amendment, letting the states decide the guidelines for their own drug policies, “We believe, I believe and many believe that Harrisburg is much more capable of deciding what to do for the citizens of the commonwealth than the folks up in Washington D.C. Harrisburg is completely capable of knowing what to do with God’s green plant.”


It’s not just marijuana, LEAP advocates for all illegal drugs to be regulated by the government, “ If these drugs were all sold in a pharmacy you wouldn’t have the crime and the violence associated with it.”


The mission of LEAP is to talk about the need to change direction and go away from prohibition and bring dangerous drugs off the streets and into a regulated store. You can find out more about Wooldridge’s efforts at  You can also hear the entire interview with Wooldridge from On The Mark at

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