Five Valley rotary clubs combing for Earth Day project


LEWISBURG – Today is a big recycling day for a group of a rotary clubs working together. Five Valley rotary clubs are cooperating in an Earth Day recycling event from 9 a.m. to noon today. The cooperating clubs are Sunbury, Lewisburg Sunrise, Lewisburg Sunset, Lewisburg Downtown, and Milton.

The Sunbury club will collect items at Triangle Tech on Route 890/Performance Road. The Lewisburg site is in the Silver Moon Flea Market parking lot at 150 Silvermoon Lane. The Milton club will collect items at the Handup Foundation at 275 Mahoning Street.

All sites will accept:

  • backpacks with broken zippers and holes
  • worn out clothing
  • shoes
  • old purses
  • belts and hats
  • towels and blankets
  • sheets, and lines.

Paper products will also be accepted, as well as cell phones and computer towers and corrugated cardboard.

The Milton location will accept:

  • stoves,
  • washers and dryers
  • dishwashers for a $5 fee
  • refrigerators and freezers for a $3 fee
  • computer printers for a $3 fee
  • vacuums and shampooers for $4 fee
  • radios, hair dryers, mixers and microwaves for a $3.
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