Families can celebrate Earth Month with the Merrill Linn Conservancy

LEWISBURG— Caring for Communities is a group of events put on by the Merrill Linn Conservancy as a part of their educational outreach efforts.


They are off two events in Lewisburg this weekend, On Saturday, April 1, a movie, Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature Home will play at the Campus Theatre, and Sunday there will be a presentation on the Bull Run Greenway project.


Samantha Pearson, the Elm Street Manager and is overseeing the Bull Run Greenway project, was recently on WKOK Sunrise and spoke about Bull Run Creek saying, “Currently people know Bull Run Creek also known as Lime Stone Run, which runs right through the center of Lewisburg as basically a rock lined ditch. We have both the opportunity and the necessity to improve the conditions, the habitat, the functionality, and the esthetic of that reach of the creek.”


This Sunday at Larison Hall on Bucknell University Campus is your chance to get the detail on the greenway project. Pearson says, “Brian Auman is going to give a presentation of the Bull Run Greenway plan that’s been ongoing for the last year and a half and immediately after that I will be giving a walking tour of the site.”


Pearson says the Bull Run Greenway project seeks to improve the environment of the creek as well as add a recreational aspect, the Bull Run Greenway basically is a great mirror of the caring for communities program, and it is a combination of recreation and conservation.”


Caring for communities is a series of events held by the Merrill Linn Conservancy through the month of April as a part of their educational outreach. There are educational and recreational events happening throughout the Valley, for a full list of events visit linnconservancy.org

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