PHOTOS HERE: Fabridam project nearly complete



SUNBURY – Closing boating season early, plus favorable weather, helped keep the Sunbury fabridam project moving along, so says Shikellamy State Park Manager John Clifford.  He spoke with WKOK and says the project is 90-95 percent complete.

He says the last step is having the contractor remove the causeways, “They’ve already started on the Sunbury side this past Wednesday. They’re having a little bit of an issue with a couple of their equipment operators and also from what I understand, they’re having some issues getting trucks lined up. There are so many other PennDOT projects going on that there aren’t as many trucks available to haul rock out as there were in the spring.”

Clifford says the removal and replacement of bags one and seven in the fabridam went well. He says the next time a project like this shouldn’t be for another ten years or so, “The next two oldest bags are bags 2 and 3. They were installed in 2000. We typically expect a 25-30 year life expectancy out of them. So we’re hoping 2025 we’ll be the next time we’ll have to do a bag replacement.”

On August 20, the dam was lowered, effectively ending the power boating season for the year. You can see a gallery at (Matt Catrillo)

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