Excitement growing for new Ag land in North’d Co. Conservation District

Photo courtesy Northumberland County Conservation District

SUNBURY – Preserving farmland has two milestones this week. First, the Northumberland County Conservation District is excited about acquiring a new farm for their Ag Land Preservation program.

The conservation district closed Tuesday on their 21st farm.  Conservation district manager Judy Becker, “In this area, the preservation of farm land is so important, especially today when you have so many rural areas that are turning into more suburban and urban areas.”

The second event is a tour of the ag land this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Watershed Specialist Jaci Harner says the conservation will be showing local practices to ensure good water quality, “We’ll be visiting two farms; a dairy farm and a crop farm. Those farmers are going to explain to the folks what it is that they do on a daily basis to make sure they are maintaining environmental stewardship.”

You can hear more from Judy Becker and Jaci Harner of the Northumberland County Conservation District, on a recent Sunrise appearance, which is available at WKOK.com. (Matt Catrillo)


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