Ex-police officer sues the city of Sunbury

SUNBURY—Fired Sunbury police officer Scott Hause  filed a lawsuit against the city and mayor David Persing.   The suit was filed Wednesday in federal court, Pennlive.com reports that the suit alleges Hause was fired due to his age. Hause’s Lawyer, Tim Bowers, says that Sunbury has created a hostile work environment for officers over the age of 40.

Hause was fired September 1, 2016 after an internal investigation showed that Hause misused a stun gun during an incident in the city. Mayor David Persing said the misuse of the stun gun violated department regulations.


Hause also served a three week suspension back in 2015 for allegedly having inappropriate relations with a Northumberland County woman while on duty.  The lawsuit does not state the dollar amount Hause is looking to receive from the city.

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