Evangelical doc: Heart History should be your best subject

SUNBURY— You’ve heard of art history,  knowledge in that field can enrich your life.  An Evangelical Community Hospital doc says knowing your ‘heart history ‘ can save your life. WKOK and Evangelical Community Hospital have teamed up during National Heart Month to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts. Christine Fisher of Evan’s Heart Catherization Lab says heart health is an important topic.

She explains a common procedure performed at the lab, “A heart cath is a procedure that uses x-ray and it uses catheters so we can take a look at the arteries that feed the heart muscle. We use catheters and we either go through your wrist or leg and feed them up to the heart, injecting dye so we can see them on the x-ray screen. There, we can see if there are any blockages that need fixed.”

Fisher describes the average patients that walk into the lab, “The patients that we get are either a patient that has gone to their physician with issues with shortness of breath, chest pain, or maybe they just don’t feel good after they’ve shoveled some snow or were climbing steps. The doctor might send them in for a cath or we’ll work on urgent people who are having an active heart attack.”

Fisher says don’t ignore the signs, “Pay attention to your body. Pay attention to your symptoms. If something doesn’t seem right or you have a question about something, you need to bring it up with your family doctor and get looked at. The sooner you get in and get it checked out, the better off you are. Like I said, in an emergence situation, time is of the essence.”

Fisher recommends seeing your doctor if your family has a history of heart disease. She says you must take care of your heart before it’s too late. February is American Heart Month and Evangelical Community Hospital has teamed up with Sunbury Broadcasting Corp. to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts. You can find information about all of the events and screenings available online at www.wkok.com  by clicking the Rock Red banner.

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