Evan Doc. Talk’s heart attacks in women

SUNBURY— Fatigue, jaw pain and some anxiety…these some of women’s symptoms of a heart attack.  As we Rock Red for Healthy Hearts with Evangelical Community Hospital in February, we spoke with Dr. Petra Lynch, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, about heart disease, in women.

“There are two types of heart attacks that can happen. One is a little plaque ruptures in your heart artery and it closes up the artery and that gives you severe pain, you feel like you are dying, you never felt that bad.  The other type of heart pain is a blockage in your arteries and that should give you reliable symptoms every time you exercise,” she said.

She says when it comes to women the symptoms of a heart attack can be atypical, “They can be just fatigued, and they can just have jaw pain. They can maybe have a tingly heart burn feeling in their stomach area right below your breast bone, and they can have chest pain on the right side of their heart.” She says anxiety can be a symptom as well.

You can reduce your risk of a heart attack by eating healthier foods and getting more exercise, but other risk factors may be harder to control, “Other risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and positive family history. I usually tell my patients if you have anyone in your family had a heart attack before the age of 50 or 55 consider it a positive family history.”

You can hear more from Dr. Petra Lynch at WKOK.com. While there you can also view the schedule of Rock Red events and screening by clicking on the Rock Red banner.

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