Eighth annual “Resource Guide for Seniors” will be published

SUNBURY – Senior citizens in The Valley who are looking for goods and services will have a one-stop shopping guide soon.  The eighth annual “Resource Guide for Seniors” will be by a local advocacy group, the River Valley Senior Provider Group.

The guide is for seniors who have questions about what medical, product or other services are available to them, and is available for anyone who owns a business offering services to senior citizens.

Provider group president Melissa Bottorf says the guide is focused locally and on being user friendly, “A lot of times maybe is coming home from the hospital and they say, “you need home health or you need home care.” So we try to take a whole section of the guide to try and explain some of those things. So it’s really important to be well educated and educate the consumers.”

Bottorf says the guide also has articles focused on veterans services, “Veterans are such an important part of our region here. And we have a page devoted to all our the local veterans, representatives in our counties, veterans affairs directors, and have a little piece that just gives a quick overview of the services that may be available to someone who’s a veteran or a widow of a veteran.”

The group includes 114 members this year. The guide will come out in the weeks ahead.  You can hear more from Bottorf and from Art Thomas, Vice President of Meck-Teck at WKOK.com. They were on a recent edition of WKOK Sunrise. (Matt Catrillo)


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