PennDOT Delays: Duke Street project temporarily halted

File photo of Duke Street project

NORTHUMBERLAND – Something Northumberland residents didn’t want to hear about the Duke Street project…the entire project has a big delay. PennDOT says work on Duke and Front Streets has been temporarily halted. PennDOT says crews encountered unanticipated conflicts with the existing sewer system and new drainage pipes.

A solution has been indentified for the Duke Street portion of the project. Work will resume in about a week if there are no unforseen weather delays. Alernative solutions are being evaluated and an updated schedule for Front Street will be provided next week. The conflict with drainage pipes there was encoutered at Sheetz Avenue.

This Phase 4 part of the project was expected to be completed by Monday but since been announced its several weeks behind. PennDOT and the contractor are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible to contiue achieveing a high-quality, long-lastin

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