UPDATE: Danville Super says student in custody after threats

UPDATE Tuesday afternoon: Danville Superintendent Jason Bendle has sent another robo message to parents in the school district, stating the child in question is in custody. Full text below:

“Good Afternoon,
This is Dr. Bendle with further communication. The Danville Borough Police Department has communicated to me that the child in question has been in custody since Monday evening. The District will continue to communicate information is it is received. Thank you.”



DANVILLE – Threatening social media posts regarding the Danville Area School District prompted safety concerns from parents and the school district. Danville police say they are investigating the social media posts, but officers say there is no threat. Police have also contacted the FBI to assist with the investigation.

Superintendent Jason Bendle sent out robo calls, emails, and texts to parents, and stating the district is using all resources available for an investigation. Bendle sent another robo message to parents this morning at 6 a.m., which was submitted by an anonymous parent to WKOK:

“This is Dr. Bendle from the Danville Area School District. The events of last evening have created a very emotional situation within our community. Although I do not have further details, this community should be very proud of how swiftly and professionally your local law-enforcement have handled this situation. I have full confidence in their statement that there is no threat. Our number one responsibility is the safety and security of our students and staff and have a plan for our students throughout the day. Thank you.”

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