Cong. Marino on OTM: open minded in talking gun control

Cong. Marino wants to find gun control solutions, other issues on OTM

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SUNBURY – Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) says he is ‘all ears’ when trying to solve the school shooting problem.   He joined WKOK’s On The Mark Thursday and says he’s open-minded to anything brought to the table, “I could not argue or debate an issue like this wholeheartedly with someone who lost a 15-year-old son or daughter. There’ s just no way. I can only imagine in my mind if that happened to me where I would be on issues like this.”


Congressman Marino also says he would support legislation by Republican US Senator Pat Toomey (US Sen, R-PA) to expand background checks on guns, “I don’t see the downside to a universal background check. The hunters, the sportsmen, the individuals I talked to…they don’t see an issue with this either.”


Marino also commented on the concern of job cuts at Valley Federal prisons, stating it could be a dangerous situation, “I have toured these prisons yearly. I know how dangerous this work is. I’m at the front of the line screaming we don’t need to cut security guard and prison officials. We need to add more to make it to full compliment.”


Marino then weighed on what the U.S. Supreme Court would do if PA republicans send the newly formed congressional district map there, “They’re going to say give the state an opportunity to get something else worked out, but clearly say that because of the time involved…we’re past the point were we can have petitions signed and we’re getting close to the primary, they just may say we’re going to grant it to the state and you sort it out over the next two years.”


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