Cong. Marino admits to kinder, softening approach

SUNBURY – After seeing more U.S. students slain from gun violence, US Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) admits to relying on less rhetoric and more action-oriented approaches as a lawmaker. He admits he has changed as a lawmaker, “Sure, we’re talking about the death of our kids because of a shooting in a school. It’s been multiple shootings in a school. After the first one, there was a problem, but Washington didn’t take it.”

Congressman Marino was on WKOK’s live telephone talk show Thursday says now is the time for everyone to come together and find solutions to end mass shootings in our country, “Since the President spoke up, we’ve got to get behind him and we’ve all got to think as to what do we do to prevent this from happening again. There’s going to be shootings, but we can stop these mass shootings.”

You can hear Marino’s full interview from Thursday’s On The Mark at He talks about softening his view on gun law changes and his participation in a federal lawsuit on redistricting.

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