Commissioner Best: taxpayers lose in TrueCore deal

SUNBURY—Northumberland County Commissioner, Kymberley Best is voicing her concern for the lease the majority of commissioners entered into with TrueCore Behavioral Solutions. TrueCore is set to lease a portion of the Northwestern Academy site for $30,000 per month for a rehabilitative center for youth, But Best says this is not a good deal.

In a letter sent to WKOK, Commissioner Best shows concern for the cost of the new prison facility and the lease agreement with TrueCore. According to Best TrueCore sent a letter to the County indicating it may need to re-negotiate the contract because the state did not approve their rate or their agreement with the Shamokin Area School District.


The Shamokin Area School District would be obligated to educate the juveniles in the facility, and according to Best, TrueCore would be expecting the district to pay $10,000 a month to rent classroom space in the facility.

Best says “TrueCore rents from the County. TrueCore gets reimbursements from the state.  TrueCore gets rent from a local school district for the privilege of educating juvenile delinquents from other counties at local expense. TrueCore profits, taxpayers lose out”


WKOK will follow up with other Northumberland County Commissioners for more on this story. Here is the full letter from Commissioner Best: 2017nov02 Best Letter to Editor

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