Church in Montandon to hold another Memorial Mass

MONTANDON – A local church will hold a mass Wednesday in an effort to reach out to people grieving after the Texas shooting.  Father Kerry Walters, Pastor at Holy Spirit American National Catholic Church says people of faith need to pray, “Regardless of whether that peron is a Christian, or a Muslim or a Hindu, or a Jew, prayer is always necessary and prayer is that energy that fuels action in the world.”

Father Walters told WKOK that he believes that prayer alone is not enough and that it should lead to social action. He says he hopes these memorial masses will serve as a venue for both, “To not only allow people to come together to mourn for victims, but to energize us all to go into the world and by our social action try to do something about the problem.”

What if you’re not a Christian or a Catholic, or even if you don’t believe in God at all…will this Memorial Mass be for you? Father Walters says come one, come all, “It’s open to people of all faiths or no faith because, it seems to me that all of us mourn these tragedies when they occur, and it’s good for us to gather and share our grief together.”

The Memorial Mass for the men, women and children killed at the Sutherland First Baptist Church in Texas will be held Wednesday  November 8 from noon – 1pm at the Holy Spirit American National Catholic Church in Montandon. All are welcome to attend.

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