Chabad of Lewisburg forming new Jewish community with Menorah lighting

Celebrating Chanukah in The Valley

LEWISBURG – The Jewish celebration of Chanukah began Tuesday, and many families across the world lit their Menorahs for the first of eight times over the next eight nights. In The Valley, a Community Menorah lighting is taking place for the very first time Sunday, December 17 at 3:30pm. The Menorah is 6 feet tall at the entrance of Hufnagle Park. The first candles are being lit this week.


Mariasha Baumgarten of Chabad of Lewisburg says the Menorah is meant to remind people what one of the important messages of Chanukah is, “We celebrate the underlined importance the liberty of every person, the right of every person, to celebrate their own religion, and to do it publicly and with pride.”


She goes on to say that the global Community Menorah is expected to reach over 8 million Jews throughout Chanukah, but Freddi Carlip, also of Chabad of Lewisburg says, all people are welcome, “You don’t have to be Jewish to celebrate. Come on Sunday and take part in the Menorah lighting, and then afterwards they’ll be a Chanukah party at Chabad House. There will be the traditional food of Latkes, which are potato pancakes, and donuts.”


Baumgarten says the Menorah lighting will hopefully bring the community together in celebration, “They’ll be several elected officials and dignitaries there. We’re hoping that Rabbi Nina Mandel of Sunbury will be joining us, and maybe say a few words. It’s an opportunity to really bring the community together and celebrate together.”


The Community Menorah lighting will be Sunday, December 17 at 330pm at the 6th and Market St entrance of Hufnagle Park. More information at (Chris Elio)


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