Celebrate the past, present, and future of Danville at the Heritage festival

DANVILLE — The heritage and history of Danville will be celebrated this weekend with the annual Danville Heritage Festival. Organizers say this Saturday and Sunday you can learn what makes Danville’s history so fascinating.  There will be historical speakers, demonstrations and music.

Van Wagner, co-founder of the festival says it’s about celebrating our history, “I like to keep the emphasis on education. Certainly the entertainment is there, and certainly the food and crafts and things are there, but at its foremost this is a festival about education and celebrating our history.”

Saturday’s events include a free cook out at Hess Field, multiple block parties, along with a 5K race and fireworks. Sunday events begin with a morning Hymn Sing by the river and then at 1pm a special presentation called Susquehanna Meditation says Bob Andrews. The local author and creator of Susquehanna Meditation says, “It’s a series for an hour long multimedia presentation with narration on naturalist curiosities of the Susquehanna region. We have a fascinating culture here.”

Susquehanna Meditation is an hour long presentation highlighting unique features of the Susquehanna Valley. For information on Susquehanna Meditation and for a full list of festival events visit VanWagnerMusic.com/DanvilleHeritage.

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