Celebrate Earth Day with a hike today


HUGHESVILLE— If you are having a bit of cabin fever from this winter like spring, get out this weekend and celebrate Earth Day with the Merrill Linn Conservancy. As part of their Caring for Communities events the conservancy is hosting a hike Sunday at the Glacier Pools Preserve in Lycoming County.  Michael Gross owner of the Glacier Pools Preserve, “Located at the terminal moraine of the last glacier, right under the Allegheny Front which is where central Pennsylvania meets northern Pennsylvania. Scattered around the property were little collections of water that dried up in the fall. It took a long time for me to understand them and recognize that these were seasonal pools that are the necessary habitat for a group of amphibians.”


On the hike Gross says you will be able to see the early spring life in the vernal pools, which should have many clusters of salamander and frog eggs from breeding over the next weeks.


The land is preserved from development by a conservation easement with the Merrill Linn Conservancy. Gross says conservation is key to keep this ecosystem thriving, “A contribution that we can make here is not only preserving the pools but preserving that habitat around the pools. If the forest around the pools is harvested in the conventional way the animals can’t make it to the pools to breed and they gradually die out.”


If you would like to check out this natural habitat visit glacierpoolspreserve.com for more information and directions. The hike begins at 1 pm at 757 Pine Tree Road in Hughesville.

The Merrill Linn Conservancy has been putting on events like this all month long as part of their Earth Month Celebration. You can hear the full interview about Earth Month from WKOK Sunrise at WKOK.com.

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