US Senator Casey visits Valley, talks Evan hospital and Cong. Barletta

LEWISBURG—With the August recess for federal lawmakers, Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey is making his way around the Commonwealth speaking with local leaders, businesses and constituents. Casey made an appearance Monday morning at Evangelical Community Hospital to speak about the vital role Medicaid plays in preserving rural hospitals like Evan.

Senator Casey’s republican counterpart, Pat Toomey has said Medicaid is fiscally unsustainable. Casey said he is open to reform, but not cuts, “There is no question that over time the cost is going to go up, and we have to figure out ways to manage that. So, I think if you are willing to pursue reforms that are appropriate and figure out ways to reduce costs, but the idea that we are going to take away that guarantee of Medicaid is totally unacceptable.”


Casey praised Evan for delivering quality care in a difficult healthcare climate, “Well they have done a great job here in being able to maintain a strong bottom line despite all the pressures and despite all the challenges. What we don’t want to do is impose burdens on a hospital like this by undermining Medicaid or by taking steps that would make it very, very difficult.”

The Evangelical Community Hospital employs over 1,700 people. Casey says he is optimistic about the bi-partisan discussions they have been having in the senate to stabilize problems in our healthcare system.


What is Casey’s reaction to Rep. Lou Barletta entering the 2018 Senate race? Casey says, “Well here is one of those opportunities today to talk about health care and to talk about what we are working on.  I will leave the speculation about 2018 for another day.”


Senator Casey is also making an appearance in Montour County today.

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