Candidates voice their plans at Degenstein Library

SUNBURY—Candidates on the Sunbury ballot this November met with the public Wednesday evening at the Degenstein Library’s Meet the Candidates Night. The race for the mayoral seat pits Republican city council member Beth Kremer, Democrat and US Army veteran Kurt Karlovich, and Independent Joe Bartello.

When asked what their top priority would be if elected, Karlovich said, “My top priority is to bring total transparency back to the local government to put the city of Sunbury back in the hands of the people that live here.”

Kremer wants to get more citizens involved saying, “Put some committees together to get more people involved, to get more opinions, and to find solutions to the problems.”


Bartello’s priority is job creation saying, “To go out and actually find industry and bring them here. We need more jobs in the city; we need to fill these empty factories again.”

Candidates for Sunbury city council, treasurer, mayor, and District Magistrate discussed their plans for the city. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

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