Bucknell students helping Lewisburg pool tap solar power

LEWISBURG – Some Bucknell students are hoping to connect the Lewisburg pool to the sun. Environmental studies and economics students at Bucknell University are looking to lead the charge for more solar energy use in the local community. One project the students are looking to begin is installing solar panels at the Lewisburg pool.

Student Megan Martzoff says the solar panels should help reduce costs at the pool, “We’re thinking about maybe putting them on the backhouse or potentially a field next to the pool. But by creating this energy from the solar panels, we’ll be able to use that energy to power the pool, the big lights in the pool, and reduce a lot of their costs so they can use that for other programming and other events they want to have.”


Before beginning the project, the students want to continue bringing awareness of the positives of solar energy use. They’ll be hosting a presentation Monday at 7 p.m. at the new Greenspace facility in Lewisburg. Reed Leong is one of the presenters, “So you’ll see the feasibility study, reports about how important the pool is to communities, and how the closing of pools has impacted communities.”


Refreshments will be available. You can listen to more from Martzoff and Leong’s WKOK Sunrise interview at WKOK.com.

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