Break out your favorite jeans or jacket for Denim Day

UNDATED— Join Transitions of Pennsylvania, April 26 to celebrate Denim Day. Denim Day is an annual violence prevention day sponsored by Peace of Violence, a California based non-profit.


Heather Shnyder, Educational Specialist at Transitions explains the story behind Denim Day saying, “ What happened was in 1999 an Italian court overturned a rape conviction declaring that because the victim wore tight jeans that she had to help remove those jeans for the sexual assault to accrue so there for it was no longer a rape is was consensual. To make a statement about that we ask everybody to wear denim.”


Denim Day focuses on raising awareness about abuse against women and children. Participating in Denim Day provides an opportunity for you to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault. Shnyder encourages Valley businesses to hold a dress down day to show their support saying, “It’s very important, you can have a company dress down day where maybe they pay a dollar and if you want to use that to make any contributions or donations to transitions we will certainly absolutely appreciate it.”


Transitions would like to see your support, they ask the community to post picture of yourself wearing denim to their Facebook page to be part of the event. Denim Day is held in April as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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