Bloomsburg radio host attends Charlottesville rally, triggers protests

UPDATE: WHLM and The Columbia Broadcasting Company has issued a statement. This was issued on

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“WHLM and The Columbia Broadcasting (Company) has never condoned racism, bigotry, or hatred toward anyone or any group. Recent accusations that The Columbia Broadcasting (Company) condone such behavior are absolutely unfounded. Such accusations are not, and will not be handled lightly and there will be a full review of any and all materials concerning this situation at hand.
The Columbia Broadcasting Company has an enormous track record of serving the community with local news, sports, weather, editorial, giving ample time to opposing views and entertainment at a high level of community standards as recognized by such groups as The Columbia-Montour Boy Scouts of America, The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, etc. The Columbia Broadcasting Company intends to continue in this tradition of service to Bloomsburg, Berwick and Danville reflecting these positive community standards.”

BLOOMSBURG — A Bloomsburg radio station is in hot water over a director and host’s alleged video and tweets in support of  the white supremacists march in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. About a dozen demonstrators picked outside WHLM radio in Bloomsburg Monday against Dave Reilly, the station’s Director of  New Media and on-air host. Reilly attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and posted video and tweets allegedly supporting white supremacists. The protests went on for at least two hours along East Main Street in Bloomsburg.

The nearly five-minute video shows the white supremacists marching with torches Friday night. The video was tagged as #UniteTheRight.

WHLM has already lost at least two major advertisers. One is Bloomsburg University, according to The Daily Item, who pulled its ads with the station Monday. The Daily Item also says the university cited the station’s airing of an interview with the organizer of the rally. In addition, the Press Enterprise reports the university ended its contract with the station to broadcast its football games.

Bloomsburg University released the following statement, “While the university recognizes everyone’s right to speak, we strive to promote a safe and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  To that end, Bloomsburg University is terminating all advertising with WHLM effective immediately.”

Another advertiser who pulled ads from WHLM is Turkey Hill Brewing Company, according to its Facebook page. The post says, “Yes, we did advertise with WHLM radio station. No, we do not anymore… Our ads may still run thru the day, but we have contacted the station to pull them effective immediately #noplaceforhate.”

WHLM can be found on the dial at 930 AM, 104.3 FM in Bloomsburg, 1280 AM and 94.7 FM in Berwick, and Danville at 105.5 FM and 103.5 FM or online at

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