Apfelbaum Kula to be special counsel for Redevelopment Auth.

SUNBURY—The City of Sunbury accepted the employment agreement with the cities new solicitor the Wiest, Wiest, Benner, and Rice law firm. Solicitor Joel Wiest said, “Hopefully a lot of the problems that have happened in the past as far as various issues legally are being solved and I think it’s a matter of running their course. I don’t think it’s necessarily a matter of prior counsel I think it’s a matter of everything running its course.”


The city also appointed former solicitor, the Apfelbaum Kula law firm as special counsel to the city working with the Redevelopment Authority. Wiest says they are helping out the city, ”What Apfelbaum Kula has offered to do, which is very helpful to the city is to remain as counsel for the Redevelopment Authority. However Apfelbaum Kula has also offered to remain as special council to the city.”


Apfelbaum Kula requested the city to agree to a $1 per year contract to work as special counsel for the city.

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