Albright Center opens Garden Level Banquet hall

SUNBURY – SRI’s Albright Center in Sunbury is growing something in its ‘Garden Level.’  The non-profit ‘Albright Council,’ which is visioning and working on the former church building at Fifth and Market Streets, at Noon on Friday, unveiled their banquet hall and meeting spaces.

On the ground floor of  the Albright Center, Valley residents were invited to the Grand Opening, including State Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) and State Rep. Lynda Schlegal Culver (R-108th, Sunbury), both of whom have already helped procure a number of grants and tax credit opportunities for the project. Organizers say, eventually, the Albright Center will be a local go-to place people of all ages, for music, theater, educational opportunities and the performing arts.


Already, nearly $850,000.00 has been spent on the renovations and the Albright Council said Friday night, many more millions will be needed to make the space a first class gathering location for the Central Susquehanna Valley.

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